Auto Remover

Auto Remover is one of our unique innovations

Auto Remover

Salient Features

This is equipment can dump the garbage on the ground, as well as direct into a container and also in the Refuse Collector

  • The capacity of the Auto Remover is 1.0 Cubic Meter

  • It facilitates faster operations


The number of trips can be increased

  • It is totally hygienic and thus, much safer

  • It can easily move in narrow lanes

  • It provides completely covered transportation

  • Multiple Handling is not required

  • The segregation of garbage can take place at the source i.e.(Dry/wet), (Organic/Inorganic)

  • It speeds up operation allowing the user to cover larger area in short duration


  • Small Town ships, City Council & Big Factories

  • Direct emptying into container or into refuse collector

Other products that can be manufactured in this category are water tankers, tippers and Diesel Tankers

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