Recovery vans

In addition to providing various infrastructural vehicles we have been also been fabricating different models of Recovery trucks for the same period of time.

Indeed, we have established a well respected name within our industry for the design and build of recovery vehicles and equipment, to a recovery operators specific requirements, in addition to the construction and fabrication of many other types of specialist vehicle for the general haulage industry.

We will undertake all aspects of the design, build and fabrication of recovery trucks and equipment to exacting standards and conforming to all regulatory requirements.

Recovery vans
Recovery vans Recovery vans


  • Max. Lifting capacity – 1 Ton

  • Lift and Move capacity lift at min reach – 1 Ton


  • Body Width – 1840 mm

  • Boom elevation – 30 degree

  • Boom reach past tailboard – 1800 mm

  • Underlift reach from tail board to center of fork – 1550 mm

Ratings (in kg.) Boom

  • Retracted 2617

  • Extended 3867

Winch Capacity(1st layer) 2500 Kg.

  • Wire rope breaking strenght limit, 8mm diameter 10 Mtr.

  • Standard Length 75 ft.

underlift Arrangement

  • Retracted 914

  • Extended 1500

  • Tow Capacity 2500

Standard Features

  • underlift arrangement

  • 360 degree directional boom end swivel

  • Power boom extension

  • Tools compartment

  • DC Motors Pump cominations

  • Work Lights

  • Mud Flaps

Max. lifting Capacity(each boom) 15 ton 5 ton 1-2 ton
Max. reach each side 3480 mm 3480 mm N/A
Max. reach at rear most 850 mm 850 mm 450 mm
Clear lift on site 5 ton 2 ton N/A
Boom swing horizontal 180 digree 180 digree N/A
Boom swing vertical 75 digree 75 digree 70 digree
Breaking strength of wire rope 16 ton 10 ton 6 ton

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