Refuse Collector

The Refuse Compactor is highly versatile equipment that combines the features of self-loading and Self-discharging thus making it a machine of exceptional utility. It is unique, proven & cost effective system for handling garbage. It can collect, compact, store & dump the garbage.

The Technic Refuse Compactor is a truck mounted hydraulically operated equipment for collection and transportation of garbage up to maximum volume of 6cum and load of 5000 kgs. The hydraulic equipment draws power from the vehicle engine through a PTO-unit.

The system is most suitable for collection of garbage stored in small quantities in specially designed bins from different locations especially narrow lanes and crowded areas. The system cuts down the operational costs many folds in terms of manpower time and improves work efficiency. It offers a better way of transporting the garbage with no spillovers. Adequate safety devices are built in the system to make it most safe and user friendly.

The system is built to suit the different field requirements and is engineered for arduous working conditions and provides smooth and stable operation.

The whole system is very simple, easy to maintain and integrated for smooth and long life.

Refuse Collector
Refuse Collector Refuse Collector Refuse Collector Refuse Collector Refuse Collector

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