Mobile Toilet Solutions Using Bio-Digester Technology
Technology Behind Bio Toilets

Human waste disposal especially in high altitude and low temperature area is a burning problem. The problem is further aggravated in glaciers where ambient temperature drops to 40.c and lower. The low temperature stops/delays the natural bio degradation of the water leading to its preservation (accumulation) for long time. Local heating by direct sunlight exposes the waste buried in the ice causing nuisance and foul smell. The melting ice takes the waste to rivers disturbing the aquatic eco system. Leading to Dysenteries, Diarrhea etc.

This technology is suitable for any area/environment and application in India.

The process under this technology culminates into treated effluent, which is free from pathogens and is also environmentally acceptable. This technology has 2 major components:

- Low temperature active inoculums
- Temperature controlled Bio digester

A consortium of anaerobic bacterial has been formulated and adopted to work at temperature as low as 5.c. This is the component which acts as inoculums (any part of a pathogen that can cause infection or a host) to the bio-digester and converts the organic waste into methane and carbon dioxide. The anaerobic process activates the pathogens responsible for water born diseases. Bio digester serves as a reaction vessel for bio methanation and provides the anaerobic conditions and required temperature for the bacteria.

Mobile Toilet Solutions

Salient Features

1. 100% maintenance free, continuous biological process
2. Complete elimination of pathogens
3. Economically viable
4. No dependence on the limited and costly conventional energy sources
5. Can be installed and made operational in very less time compared to other technologies
6. Inoculums charging is only done once during the entire life of the product
7. No need of connectivity of the sewage line or septic tank
8. No sludge disposal is required
9. Routine cleaning using chemicals like phenyl, soap, kerosene etc. do not harm the system

Distinctive Advantages

1. Disposes human waste in a 100% Eco Friendly manner
2. Generates colorless, odorless inflammable biogas (can be used for cooking/heating) clear odorless water full of nutrients and mineral, which is good for irrigation purposes.
3. Does not require any septic tank or sewage tank
4. Saves water and energy
5. Promotes Hygiene

Distinctive Advantages

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