950 ltr Diesel Bowser

The mobile diesel bowser is fabricated as per the indian petoleum act of 1934 and the revised guidelines of 2002, woth all the safety features prescribed by the explosive departmetn of the pertileum ministry of india.

Hydraulic Access Platform

Mobile Diesel Dispensers / Bowsers

Our diesel dispensers are designed to store transport and supply diesel to working areas where diesel dispensing station are not available for infrrastructure and consrutction companies, mining industries fleet operators and rural users, our diesel dispensers bring these benefits.

1. Enhance the safety of operators.
2. Eliminate unsafe and messy barrel fueing operations.
3. Protect against theft and pilferage of diesel.

Mobile Diesel Dispensers / Broser

Tha mobile diesel bowser is a tank mounted on the chassis of a behicle with a dispensing unit which dispenses the fuel and also maintains records.

Necessity of mobile Diesel Bowser

In the present competitive scenario, it is simply not economibal to keep enquipemtn idle without refueling for any lenght ot time our mobile diesel dispenser can reach your equipment. wherever it my be located whether on uneven roads of deep pits or in difficult terrain, far away from petrol pumps. out mobile diesel bower can reguel equipments like excavators, cranes, loaders backhoe loaders, piling rigs, dumpers, DG sets and more, which operate in rural and remote areas.

The Major Components of Mobile Brower

1. Tank.
2. Man Hole with pressure vacuum valve, emergency vent, fill pipe, dip pipe and dome.
3. Emergency shut-off value.
4. Electric pump 12V/24V (used on less than 1000 leters bower where CCOE approval not required).
5. Fuel Meter.
6. Self Retracting imported hose reel with auto cut-off dispense nozzle.
7. Stand by hand pump for alternative dispensing of diesel in case of mechanical pump.

Safty Features as per CCOE

1. Fire screen behid drivers cabin
2. Is specified 10gg. DP fire Extinguisher.
3. Is specified 1kg DCP Fire extingusher in driver's cabin.
3. Double pole switch or battery isolation switch in drivers cabin.
4. Stateic discharge bonding reel with cable and crocodile chip.
5. Earting Plate.
6. Re-route exaust to cabin front and installation of spark arrestor (CCOE approval).

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